Higher testosterone doses

Young men who do strength training build up more muscle the more testosterone enanthate [structural formula shown below] they inject. The higher the dose, the more effect on muscle mass and power that a course of testosterone has. American researchers reported this eight years ago in the American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism. The side-effects of higher doses of testosterone are not too bad. At least, as long as you’re not too concerned about HDL.

Testosterone enanthate
The researchers used the GnRH-agonist Decapeptyl to deactivate testosterone production in sixty healthy men aged between 18 and 35 with prior weight-lifting experience. Then they gave the men a twenty-week course of testosterone enanthate injections. The men got a weekly dose of 25, 50, 125, 300 or 600 mg testosterone. A 25 mg dose is just enough to keep men’s sexual functioning intact. The highest dose of testosterone that men can inject weekly without incurring acute medical problems is 600 mg, at least according to published studies. Not everyone in the steroids world agrees with this figure.

The men kept a diary of their sexual activities, but there was no sign of any effects. It made no difference whether the men injected 25 or 600 mg. The graph below shows the relative changes.

Higher testosterone doses: more effect on muscle mass and few side effects

The higher the testosterone dose, the more fat-free mass the men developed. And the number of kilograms they could shift with the leg-press increased, the more testosterone they injected. You wonder what would have happened if the men had had a 1200 mg shot of testosterone enanthate.


The Safety of the Testosterone Boosters

All of the testosterone boosters that I’m recommending in this site are extremely safe.

That’s because I never use – nor do I recommend – prescription drugs, propiety blends, or flashy bottles coming from China with Ronnie Coleman’s face on the side.

The “boosters” that I’m recommending are backed up with solid research and they’re basically just super nutritious foods, vitamins, minerals, medicinal mushrooms, herbs, or amino acid’s with testosterone enhancing abilites.

You will never see me recommending pro-hormones, prescription drugs, borderline steroids, or cheap Chinese “fake” herbal powders.

If you want to aid your testosterone production with supplementation, here’s my simple guide on how to do it safely:

a) Make sure that the supplement – wheter its a herb, mineral, vitamin, amino acid, or something else – is scientifically proven.

b) Make sure that the supplement does not contain propiety blends, several different herbs jam packed together, or pro-hormones.

c) Only buy wildcrafted, organic, or 100% pure herbs when buying whole herbs, herb powders, or herbal tinctures.

d) Avoid cheap Chinese products as much as you can, they’re usually more harmful than beneficial as they can contain lead, chemicals, pro-hormones, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

e) If you want something that actually works, you can simply forget all of the “Testobolan Tribulus 3000 max blast” products. You know… The one’s with a shiny bottle, cheap price, unbelievable claims, and images of steroid using bodybuilders on the side.

With those factors in mind you can easily find good reputable brands/products actually selling clean, safe, and effective products. Those are never the cheapest, but they’re a much better decision than that cheap shady powder from the factories of China 😀

Testosterone Booster Side effects

side effects of natural testosterone boostersThe side effects of testosterone boosters are usually miniscule and they’re somewhat related to increased testosterone levels. At least if you’re using natural and preferably organic products.

Most common of the side effects is slight testicular pain, this is due to the fact that your balls are producing so much sperm and testosterone that you’re getting the almost legendary case of “blue balls”. You can relieve the symptoms by having sex or just simply going to sleep.

Another one is pungent body odor. It’s caused by the aprocine glands which produce hormonally driven sweat. The more testosterone you have the more active your apocrine glands are, and the more pungent or “manly” your sweat smells like.

Oily skin is also a classic “side effect” which in some guys can promote acne. That’s because testosterone, and it’s more potent derivate called DHT, both increase the production of natural oils in the skin. I see this as a good thing but some “metro-sexual” men yearn for that dry feminine skin :D.

And also some guys are big time “aromatisers” a word I came up with, describing the men who’s bodies produce high amounts of the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen. If you’re an “aromataser” then increased testosterone levels can also mean increased estrogen levels (because your body would then have more androgens to convert into estrogens). In general it’s always a good thing to inhibit the aromatase enzyme as a man, and that’s where zinc, certain supplements, foods, and losing fat mass will help greatly.

Other than those, I can’t really think would happen. Sure you can buy a cheap Chinese supplement full of lead and other chemicals which can cause all kinds of adverse side effects, but if you stick to reputable brands, organic products, and all natural supplements, then you have nothing to worry about.

The Side Effects and Safety of Testosterone Boosters and Supplements

get plenty of emails from guys who are conserned about the safety and side effects of the testosterone boosters or supplements that I’m recommending on this site.

Most common questions are:

“Can I use testoterone boosters if I’m under 18?”, “What are the long-term side effects of testosterone boosters?”, “Are testosterone boosters more like food or medicine?”, “Do I need supplements to increase testosterone levels naturally?”

Answers: Yes you can use all the testosterone boosters recommended on this site if you’re under 18, actually the younger you are the more beneficial effects you’re going to get from them…

…And no there isn’t any similar side effects to natural testosterone boosters as there is to prescription drugs, they’re basically just super nutritious foods…

…And finally, you don’t need supplements to increase your testosterone levels. Three of the most imporant factors in natural hormone optimization are sleep, diet, and exercise, but with that being said, supplementation can greatly aid your body in the process.

I base this knowledge on the following facts:

I have been using and testing hundreds of different herbs, minerals, vitamins, medicinal mushrooms, tinctures, amino-acid’s, and even the most shadiest cheap supplements claimed to increase testosterone levels, for the last 5 years or so. Never during this time have I experienced any negative side effects or safety hazards worth mentioning. I was 16 years old when I started optimizing my natural hormone production and using supplements, and that hasn’t affected my emotional health, physical health, or height growth in any negative manner whatsoever.

In other words, a bowl of fruit loops is probably much more dangerous and comes with a lot more side effects than any of the supplements mentioned on this site.

Why Choose Testosterone Max

It is clear that Max Testosterone can definitely help improve your confidence in the gym and in bed.
Taking Max testosterone pumps free testosterone into your bloodstream. It supercharges or jump-starts your body’s functions. It also helps improve your energy levels. You will notice that you begin to accomplish lengthened activities without any difficulty at all. If you have more energy, you will be able to work out longer and engage in sexual activity much more satisfactorily.
Loving yourself is evident in how you look and carry yourself. With this male sexual enhancement product, you will be able to improve your confidence. Doing so will give you the confidence to approach the opposite sex and perform well in bed. Max Testosterone gives you added sex appeal because of your increased muscle mass.
Most men find it flattering to be approached and admired by women because of their muscular physique. The flattery encourages them to express how they feel in return. It can be a drastic change for most men, but elevating your testosterone levels will give you a whole new perspective.
How It Works
Once you take up to two tablets of Testosterone Max, the components break down in your digestive track. They are then assimilated into your bloodstream through your small intestine. Once the components are in your bloodstream, your natural testosterone levels are much more enhanced. As a result, you will have a much more improved experience when you work out and when you engage in sexual intercourse.
What Users Say
Those who have used Max Testosterone find it effective if you take it continuously. It also helps if you have a regular workout routine that helps circulate the additional testosterone much faster throughout your system. You should also take in more water because you will need more hydration for the increase in physical activity. A balanced diet is also in order to sustain your lifestyle change.
It usually takes a few days after you experience the change in your energy and libido levels. Make sure that you see your doctor first before you take this male enhancement product. A proper medical checkup is required to make sure that your body can take the additional testosterone in your bloodstream.
Remember that an improved level of testosterone using Testosterone Max should not interfere with your general health and well-being.
IngredientsTestosterone Max Review
Magnesium oxide
Proprietary blend of :
Avena sativa
Tribulus terrestris
Macuna puriens
L-Arginine HCL
Gingkgo biloba
Daminana leaf
Eurycoma longfolia extract
Saw palmetto
Xanthropermelia scrabosa

Other components:
Stearic acid
Di-calcium phosphate
Magnesium stearate
Pharmaceutical glaze
Croscarmellose sodium
Side Effects
Thanks to the way CrazyMass created these legal steroids you won’t have to worry about facing any side effects. Just make sure this is the right product for you then go for it.
Those who have used Max Testosterone find it effective because you have to take it continuously.
It helps to establish a regular workout routine that helps circulate the additional testosterone much faster throughout your system.
Taking in Max testosterone encourages you to take in more water because you will need more hydration for the increa

Testosterone Max Review Increase Muscle And Healthy Sex Life

Testosterone Max Review is basically manufactured in the male’s testes and is a steroid hormone arousing sexual urges and characteristics. Now, if the testosterone level is experiencing difficulity, there is a need for the affected men to obtain for solution wherein to Buy Testosterone Max is one doable and really effective solution. And yes, this is affirmed by the users who testified from this Testosterone Max Review.
Testosterone Booster / Strength & Electric power Agent. Testosterone is the Anabolic Godfather of weight using supplements and favorite amongst bodybuilder’s world-wide. If you’re hunting for explosive strength gains, increase in lean muscle mass, vigorous energy for insane workouts together with a fast recovery then Test Tone is the key which may unlock your hidden potential.

Among the Testosterone Max Ratings available, it is said that this Testosterone Max Review belongs to the most believable one so as it involved a many end users of this product who said that Testosterone Max will it really work. What about the anxiety of having Testosterone Spot scam?. Well, in order to avoid the highly-feared bad deal, there is a necessity to make sure that discover the product’s legitimacy through Testosterone Maxtrial. Most users who shared their views in this particular product through this Testosterone Max Review said that this course is legitimate when there are free trials to provide you with via internet.
To mention one, Allen Johnson of that U. S. said this, “As I am getting classic, my own testosterone level had been decreasing. Then, I have to find for ways how to increase it. ” This statement from one true user is important so that they can solidify the facts in this legitimate Testosterone Max Look at.
There are men who will tend to ask about solutions or remedies on their sexual-related problems. It is good to know that the formulation about this product has come real. Now, during the conduct about this Testosterone Max Review, soliciting their positive ideas on this product showed no trouble since they were willing to share what they have felt and experienced from this.

Testosterone Max Review – Where To Buy Testosterone Spot?
This question is important and again, only does it Testosterone Max Review answer such question. Buying the product should really be done and transacted online, through its official website. Doing as such also helps people to avoid bad who find themselves doing swindling and the like.

Best Testosterone Booster Reviews

Testosterone Max XXL Reviews: Are There Any Side Effects?
This supplement gives way to more than just increasing testosterone levels in the body. It’s a product that focuses more on the increase of sexual desire, as seen from the ingredients, in order to produce testosterone naturally. This is what makes it unique form other products.
If you are a male who is experiencing deficiencies in the sexual aspect, then this supplement can help in compensating for it because aside from boosting up testosterone in the body, the user can expect a greater improvement in his sexual performance. An increase in muscle mass, energy levels and strength is also a part of the whole scheme.

What Manufacturer/Product Claims?
Testosterone Max XXL claims to be able to trigger the sexual desire of the user. Since the brain is the one that spearheads all of this, it is able to stimulate the production of testosterone by means of increasing sexual desire. This way, the product can attest to the fact that it produces the male hormone by natural means.

What Are The Ingredients?
Testosterone Max XXL Reviews
Maca – the root extract increases the libido and energy levels of the user.
Tongkat Ali – the root extract stimulates the production of testosterone.
Panax Ginseng – also known as Korean Red Ginseng, this helps in enhancing erections for male users.
Horny Goat Weed – the herb extract stimulates some enzymes in the body which is responsible for increasing more blood flow to the penis.
Fenugreek – the seed extract gives more strength and power to the body.
Zinc – a nutrient that is essential in regulating the sexual and prostate health of the user.

How Does This Product Work?
This product works through a three step enhancement solution. The first is when the supplements are taken in regularly. The second step is allowing the nutrients from the ingredients flow through the blood circulation to enhance and stimulate the production of the male hormone. As an end result, the user gets higher energy levels, increased muscle mass and better sexual drive.

Positive Thing About Testosterone Max XXL
It comes with a money back guarantee
The ingredients are all natural
Most of the testimonials lean on the positive
There are no side effects

Negative thing About Testosterone Max XXL
Most of the ingredients are those found in male enhancement supplements, not testosterone boosters.
It is a bit expensive for maintenance use

Are There Any Side effects?
Since the product is mostly composed of all natural ingredients, no side effects can be expected for those who are taking it.

Price of the product
One bottles, good for one month supply is sold online for a price of $54.95.
This product also comes with a 120 day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the results upon taking it.

Dosage Instructions
Two capsules are recommended to be taken daily, one in the morning and one in the evening.

What consumers saying about this product?
“Testosterone Max XXL has improved my testosterone levels and it’s reflected in my reports. My previous month T-level count was 340ng/dL and this month report shows that the count has increased to 490ng/dL. So the product is definitely working for me.”

“With the use of Testosterone Max Xxl I can feel the difference in my energy levels during my day to day activities. I feel more energetic these days and my sexual performance has also improved.”

“I feel more rejuvenated since I started using Testosterone max XXL. It works very well for me in the gym as well as bedroom.”

Final Verdict
Although the product seems to be legit because of the positive feedbacks from customers, there is still some doubt as to whether it will actually work with all users. The ingredients that it comes with are those commonly found on sexual enhancement supplements and this may lend some help on the effectiveness in one aspect, it does not provide a clear solution to lower levels of testosterone in the body. The actual increase of the testosterone levels in the body will be quite dependent in the supplement’s ability to stimulate sexual desire so it’s a stage by stage process.
As for the price, it comes off a bit expensive since it costs around $54.95. But on the other hand, it comes with a 120 day money back guarantee so unsatisfied customers can return it if they do not get any results. This further lends some credibility to the whole image of the supplement as a viable choice for those who are seeking out a solution for low testosterone related problems.
There are also notable side effects that come with taking it so as an overall evaluation; this product might just be worth a try for those who are seeking out an answer to low testosterone.

What is Testosterone Max

Testosterone Max Elite Series is provided by Crazy Mass – the leader in bodybuilding supplement stacks.

A detailed by our experts briefs about what is the testosterone Max is all about, and why the health experts have perceived it as the best natural testosterone booster. Read our Testosterone Max review appended below:

Testosterone Max Test Tone Elite series from Crazy Mass is the most powerful anabolic energy & strength enhancement agent. It is the most effective weight lifting supplement and is the favorite bulking, cutting & strengthening dual power testone booster for body builders worldwide. It enhances your workout energy level, giving you explosive strength gain, improved muscle mass, better recovery time, and a better sexual performance.

How does Testosterone Max supplement work?

Apart from being made from natural ingredients, the one important thing that factors Testosterone Max as better supplement is that the Test Tone has been standardised to 45% saponins (an active component of Tribulus Terrestris). Saponins is the active ingredient Tribulus. This standardisation makes Testosterone Max twice as strong as other testosterone boost supplements.


Test Tone has Androgenic & Anabolic properties, which are ideally effective for body fat reduction and increase in protein synthesis, increasing nitrogen retention & blood flow, along with enhancing the strength gain. It gives high sex-drive boost, ensuring harder erections and thus enhancing the libido.

Testosterone Max – Test Tone Characteristic Features

Carefully designed through legal and regulated process after scientific research.
Made completely from 100% natural ingredients which have been tested and proven to boost testosterone levels naturally.
Specific gain in testosterone levels, causing harder erection and increased sex drive.
Maintained nitrogen retention and increased blood flow, enhancing strength and activeness.
Prolific for safe, efficient and fast muscle gain, protein synthesis, high muscular performance, reduction in extra body fat.
Made with Tribulus Terrestris Extract (twice as much effective than other brand testosterone boosters), which is clinically proven to enhance testosterone levels naturally in the body.
Can be used with bulking and cutting legal steroids.
No side effects.
No prescriptions required.
Easy to consume – orally.
Faster results – in about 2 weeks with regular intake.
Excellent user reviews from customers.
Worldwide delivery with safe, secured online purchase.
Dosage – Guided consumption advice

As the Testosterone Max – Test Tone comes with no prescription, the users should follow on a proper consumption guideline so that to get maximum health gain benefit.

Testosterone Max is easy to take – available in tablets form – 1 bottle contains 90 tablets – 40 mg serving size per tablet.

Testosterone pills have to be consumed 2 to 3 times per day – 30 to 40 minutes before work out session.

Whether you are in working out session, or are skipping your work out in between, Testosterone Max should be consumed on a regular daily basis.

Testosterone Max should be consumed regularly for about 2 months, in order to get viable body build and libido enhancement results.

Testosterone Max – Test Tone Pros:

Boosts natural testosterone levels in the body.
It improves protein synthesis efficiently and speedily.
Radical reduction in extra body fat.
Increase in muscle mass & muscular performance.
Active life with enhanced energy levels & stamina.
Enhanced libido, improved sex drive & sexual performance leading to high state of pleasure.

The only factor that can contribute it to causing a negative impact is over usage than the regular daily use. Avoid consuming more pills than the regulated daily intake, for it to affect a positive turnaround in your body-build and energy levels.

Stacking option with Testosterone Max

Another positive factor of this powerful testosterone booster is that it can be stacked with other bulking, cutting & strength agents to give you desirable and faster results. Stack options are:

Bulking Stack: Testosterone MAX with Dianobal, T-Bal 75 and Decadrolone – Increase in lean muscle mass.
Strength Stack: Testosterone MAX with Anadrolone, Dianobal and T-Bal 75 – Increase in muscle mass with improved stamina & strength.
Cutting Stack: Testosterone MAX with Paravar, Winnidrol and Clentrimix – Reduction in body fat to give a desirable shape with lean muscle mass.
Crazy Stack: Testosterone MAX with Dianabol, Anadrolone, Decadrolone, T-Bal 75 and Clentrimix – leaner muscle build with a reduced fat, and increased energy level – the best stack – most favorite amongst all stack options.