Clenbuterol Alternative with Deer Antler Velvet

Clen XDV is a premimum fat burner from As the name suggests, it is an alternative for Clenbuterol. However, what makes it stand apart is that it helps increase HGH or growth hormone also in your body. It contains Deer Antler Velvet which has been highly praised for increasing strength and performance by many bodybuilders, athletes and sportpersons. Clen XDV comes with growth factors that are even more powerful than IGF1 and IGF2.

This makes it extremely potent and effective to burn excess fat in your body so that you can get a ripped and shredded look quick and fast. User reviews are excellent for this product which makes it even more desirable. It is a preferred fat burner among IFBB pros too.

Though it cannot be called cheap at $215 for a month supply, the results that you get are simply outstanding.

Clen-XDVThis is why I have ranked it as number 1 on this review.

Ingredients –
Wild Yam
Tribulus Terrestris
Cayenne Pepper
Calcium Carbonate
Deer Antler Velvet
mag stearate etc.
Benefits – burns fat, increases lean muscle, boosts immunity, increases strength, enhances athletic performance, provides excellent joint support, boosts HGH production in the body, offers anti aging benefits
Side Effects – No known side effects
User Reviews – Excellent, Recommended and Endorsed by IFBB professional bodybuilders
Price – $115 for a month supply
Best Offers:
Stack Consisting of Clen XDV and Somatropinne HGH for just $172
BUY 2 GET 1 FREE for $230
BUY 4 GET 2 FREE for $460
Coupon Code – Use HGHTENOFF for a further 10% Discount on your order
Money Back Guarantee – 90 Days

2 Clentrimix or Clenn from Crazy Mass

Clentrimix or Clenn from Crazy Mass is another popular alternative for Clenbuterol. It is a powerful thermogenic fat burner that not only melts away fat but also tightens and tones muscles. It also helps retain lean and hard muscle in the body.

ClentrimixIt can be stacked well with other supplements like P-var and Winstral from Crazy Mass.

Ingredients – Proprietary blend that mimics Clenbuterol safely
Benefits –
burns excess fat by boosting metabolism
suitable for both cutting and bulking cycles
burns fat while retaining lean muscle in the body
increase muscle to fat ratio
reduces hunger and appetite
eliminates water retention and reveals obscure muscle
Side Effects – No Known Side Effects. It is free of ephedrine and is taken orally. No needles or injections required.


GH Advanced Super Power Your Muscles And Stamina

GH Advanced is really a extremely advanced dietary supplement, which has transformed the body building world as a fresh natural option to explode muscle mass building workouts,GH Advanced is claiming this is a special formula specifically made to create muscle, increase libido, Stamina, burn extra fat and define muscle tissue using the HGH . This is simply not testosterone but another hormone that enhances muscle growth.

Why is GH Advanced different?

GH Advanced isn’t in line with the testosterone hormone, but escalates the HGH (HGH) in addition, it has a variety of other use full nutrients and ingredients that have been proven to strongly improve. stamina, improve recovery and promote muscle growth. They are supplying a safer solution:

Higher muscle mass response when exercising and liftingGH-Advanced-Benefits resize
Repair ripped muscles quicker and much more effective
More impressive range of energy through the da
Increased stamina and overall power when lifting
Ingredients used to generate GH Advanced Formula
This product runs on the two pill formula stack one for your day and something for the night time, each ingredient is the following with there different functions, they’re both targeted for differing times of your day and night.

MORNING Formula Pill

This pill increases your fat reducing capabilities and increases your time and stamina, in addition, it has the most significant ingredient L-Glutamine which escalates the degrees of HGH – HGH this is exactly what really improves muscle growth and why is this supplement stick out.

GTF Chromium – Supports muscle growth
Vitamin D3 – Improves neuromuscular functioning
Alpha GPC – Improves brain function
Bovine Colostrum – Burns fat and increases muscle growth
L-Glutamine – Produces (HGH) HGH
L-Glysine – Essential amino acid that created from high protein foods
L-Lysine – Improves performance when exercising
NIGHTTIME Formula Pill

This pill is more geared to repairing the body and increasing oxygen to the effected muscles following a workout. But additionally providing you nutrients from high protein to proteins that are the inspiration of muscle. Understand that nighttime is repair time therefore the more you enhance this the higher for the muscles.

Niacin – Lowers cholesterol levels
Vitamin B12 – Produces red blood cells that carries oxygen to tired muscles
Vitamin B6 – Promotes the usage of proteins and carbohydrates
L-Arginine – Important proteins and proteins within red meats, fish and dairy goods
L-Ornithine – Greatly improves performance, stamina and libido
5-HTP – Increases Serotonin (Warning could cause muscle tenderness)
We’ve investigated each ingredient from both night and day pills and also have discovered that they do offer some amazing perks for body builders and also have some great health advantages. There is absolutely no other bodybuilding supplement around that may offer this level of useful ingredients in not just one but two pills. If you wish to see another amazing product that will also give amazing results click here to learn about Dianabol.GH Advanced Muscle

Side effects connected with GH Advanced

We have several concerns concerning this supplement, although they appear to be minor please consult with a doctor or doctor in case you are worried about using GH Advanced for the bodybuilding needs:

Could cause Diarrhea
Could cause Muscle tenderness

Aside from these unwanted effects there will not appear to be any detrimental (life threatening) unwanted effects linked to the ingredients above, all the ingredients are natural and also have very mild unwanted effects.

Gh Advanced reviews are all over the internet but we have concluded that this is a great bodybuilding supplement that produces results and does what it had been designed for that’s stamina, energy and muscle growth. Because of the unwanted effects although they’re not detrimental or life threatening we’d give this an extremely high recommendation.

How It Works GH Advanced

Every man wishes to have a great looking body that is masculine as it naturally was created to be. In as much as it is women who seem to have greater need to look good, even a good portion of men still work hard to look attractive and strong. Growing the muscles is one of the things that make a man’s body look good. The process can however be tedious with the traditional methods such as weight lifting and dieting. The methods yield results, but take time to show the expected results. Fortunately, muscle growing supplements such as GHAdvanced+ have been designed to come to the rescue of men wishing to have such amazing bodies.

What is GHAdvanced?
GHadvanced boxThis is an HGH boosting formula which has been exhaustively and extensively researched to offer the effective final product that it is. It has powerful and proven natural boosters of HGH, making it a great choice to charge muscle growth for you. It has a collection of nutrients which affect the release of HGH in a safe and effective manner. The ingredients are basically selected for their compatibility and effectiveness working with each other. Most HGH formulas overlook the compatibility factor yet it is very important in the results. The wrong choice and combination of ingredients can result in a product that does nothing much than harm the body. The GHAdvanced+ has day and night formula considering that the highest HGH release occurs at night.

How It Works
The GHAdvanced+ has ingredients which stimulate the release of GH from the pituitary gland. These nutrients featured in the formula improve the sensitivity of the pituitary in turn helping the boosting of HGH release. The growth release hormone releases HGH and it is the nutrients that are selected for the formula which stimulate this release effectively. The L-Arginine amino acid increases the levels of HGH through blocking of the production of growth hormone inhibitors among them somatostatin.

L-Glutamine: The oral glutamine 2-amino-4-carbamoylbutanoic acid boosts the concentration of circulating growth hormone leading to an increase in plasma glutamine. It therefore is an important ingredient that makes the supplement work well in boosting muscle growth.
L-Arginine: The ingestion of this 2-amino-5-guanidinopentanoic enhances the response of growth hormone which boosts muscle development. Together with arginine plus exercise, this growth is pushed even further improving on the results that the ingredient fetches.
Alpha GPC: The Alpha Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline increases the growth hormone activity which in turn supports muscle growth. It also increases the HGH secretion and fat oxidation promoting healthy growth of the muscles.
5-HTP: The oral 5 hydroxy-trytophan raises the human plasma growth hormone, cortisol and ACTH all of which leads to the healthy development of the muscles.
Other ingredients that are featured in the capsules include niacin, L-Ornothine and GTF Chromium which together stimulate the GH release from the pituitary gland. Others are bovine colostrum, vitamin D3, boperine and Vitamin B6.

The Benefits of GHAdvanced+
Benefits of GHadvanced supplementsThe formula adds muscle slab to the frame easily transforming the physique without having to go through a tedious process of building muscle.
The boosting of Human Growth Hormone which the formula offers gives excellent muscular gains along other health benefits that you stand to enjoy with the capsules. You will gain lean muscle mass without the need to exercise and lose body fat without changing your activities or diet.
The increased muscle tissues respond to activities and exercises that you might want to get into your health regime and you will experience faster wound healing and muscle repair.
The capsules offer high energy levels and improve stamina. You also will enjoy the benefit of improved libido alongside muscle growth.
The high levels of HGH also come with the benefit of strong bones. Using the capsules for a good length of time will make it possible for you to enjoy such benefits.
Directions of Use
The capsules are designed for day and night use. You therefore will need to take one capsule in the morning and another one before retiring to bed. With the nutrient split into the capsules, the two capsules a day will give you all the benefits you deserve with the carefully chosen ingredients to maximize the muscle growth results that you get to enjoy.

Supplement Advice and Cautions
It is advisable to make sure that you take the recommended dosage strictly without exceeding. It is the only way that you will get to enjoy the muscle growth results that you are looking for. This product is suitable for adults and should therefore not be used by under aged children. It is designed for men and hence it is most suitable for them. Always keep your medicines out of reach of children.

Full benefits of GHadvanced hgh supplements

GH Advanced+ has the finest of quality ingredients which are famed for HGH boosting abilities. This makes the product a safe, effective and affordable way of reaching the levels of the hormone in the most natural of ways. The natural ingredients ensure that you do not experience any side effects when using the product. With the level of HGH high, you stand the chance to enjoy an easy time gaining lean muscle and you also will enjoy faster training recovery because of the muscle cell repair that is more efficient. This also helps in improved fat burning by the body considering that the energy levels will be at their peak.

The HGH levels tend to decline as you age which is why you used to recover faster and remain energetic when you were still young. It is therefore considered to be a youthful hormone. Fortunately, using the capsules, you can now easily bounce back to the faster healing and high energy levels as well as muscle growth within a short period of time. Even with all the natural ingredients and the excellent results that the capsules stand to fetch you, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor or physician before starting to use the product. This is especially important if you have any pre existing health condition.


Burn Fat & Boost Your Muscle Growth with GH Advanced
There is no shortage of people who are crazy about building body. Body building is not an easy task and requires time, efforts and consistency. There are some ways to build a body that you desire. One of these is GH advanced supplement which is new one but contains something that can help you get your dreamed body shape. This is considered to be thoffers-ghadvanced-maine best supplement for muscle building, developed according to advanced formulae.

This is designed particularly for building muscles, increasing libido, stamina, burning excessive fats and muscles defining while using HGH (human-growth-hormone). It is different hormone from testosterone that increases muscle growth. Although it is not a testosterone based hormone but is very effective growth enhancer. It consists of useful and highly recommended ingredients and nutrients for increasing stamina, improving recovery and promoting muscles growth.


Great tool to build strong muscles within a short period time
Higher response of muscle tissues during lifting and exercising
Quickly and efficiently repairs ripped muscles
Increases strength and stamina when lifting
advanced energy levels all over the day
Boosting muscles growth
Getting lean
Burning fat
Improving libido



This product is focused on HGH release in to the body in order to encourage fat loss and muscle growth. Its working requires only two doses every day and is thus the simplest to use supplement. It will not hinder day to day life, not at all. Due to natural ingredients, its use is completely safe. Some of its customers reported positive results within a week, which shows its nature to work instantly.

GH advanced helps its users to recover faster from strenuous workouts. It means that if you visit the gym along with using this product, your recovery rate will be doubled. It is backed by 180 days money-back guarantee which means that your money is safe either way.


It uses a 2 pill formulae stack, each for day & night. There is a difference of some ingredients in both times stack. These ingredients perform different function but their overall result appears as a whole. Use of both these day & night stacks contains remarkable benefits in either case.


It is fat burning pill which increases stamina and energy. It comprises of the most powerful ingredient, L-Glutamine. This increases HGH levels and due to this ingredient GH advanced is considered to be a standout product among other muscle building supplements. Its ingredients include;

Vitamin-D3 it improves neuromuscular functioning
GTF Chromium it helps in muscles growth
Bovine Colostrum it also increases muscles growth and helps in burning fats
Alpha GPC it improves functioning of muscles
L-Glysine it is an important amino-acid that is formed from protein foods
L-Glutamine it is the main HGH producer
L-Lysine it is improves during exercise

hgh-booster-ghadvanced1Its main focus is to repair the body and increase oxygen supply to effected muscles during and after workouts. It also gives nutrients from amino acids to high proteins which act as building blocks of muscles. This supplement is a night time product the more and more use of which will more and more improve your muscles. Ingredients of this night supplement include;

Vitamin B12 it performs production of red blood-cells which carry required oxygen to the tired muscles
L-Ornithine it greatly enhance libido, stamina and performance
5-HTP it increases serotonin but may be a cause of muscle tenderness
Vitamin-B6 it promotes use of carbohydrates and proteins
Niacin it lowers the levels of cholesterol
L-Arginine it is a source of proteins and amino acids found in dairy goods, fish and meat
Each of these ingredients has been investigated and they are found to be offering amazing perks carrying great benefits for health. GH advanced is the only supplement which offers this extent of powerful ingredients.


Although some things about this supplement are minor but must be considered in any case. You should consult a health physician or doctor if you feel concerned about its use, as GH advanced may be the cause of diarrhea and muscle tenderness. Ignoring these there are no other side effects of its ingredients as they are all natural.


GH advanced is an amazing product that can have remarkable effects upon your body and it is consider as the Top 3 HGH Booster Supplements 2015. It science upon which is based is flawless and is the reason for its credibility. It is also having money-back guarantee and hence a way to check its effect without being worried about loss of your money. So for perfect body shape at a reasonable cost, get it today.

GH Advanced Review Body Building Supplement

It took months of exhaustive and intensive research, but the manufacturers of GHAdvance+ have isolated a formula that will give you the most benefits. It utilizes some of the most proven and powerful HGH boosters available.

The intense nutrient levels did push up the price, but they believe it was worth it. It’s not about only the ingredients; it’s about the levels and types of ingredients.

The Elusive Hormone

If your goal is adding mega-muscle, there is one elusive hormone that turbo-charges the process. You can turn up your dial, so that your body will produce more of it.

The super-hormone is not testosterone, although that is powerful. It’s the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is the true key to the most amazing gains in muscle, and it provides you with other health benefits, as well.

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Dr. Daniel Rudman published studies in the New England Journal of Medicine, and they show there are many benefits to taking HGH. They include:

Lean muscle mass gains, even without exercise
Loss of up to 14% of body fat without changes in activity or diet
Increased muscle response to activity and exercise
Faster repair of muscles
Faster healing of wounds
Improved stamina
Higher energy levels
GHAdvanced+ offers a guarantee. That alone is not unusual, but they will actually honor their guarantee, unlike many supplement companies. If you’re not happy in 180 days, you can get your money back.


Pills for Daytime Formula

These pills increase your ability to burn fat, and increase your stamina and energy levels. They include L-Glutamine, to increase HGH levels. Other ingredients in the daytime formula include:

L-Lysine – To improve performance during exercise
L-Glysine – An essential amino acid produced from foods high in protein
Bovine Colostrum – Increases muscle growth and burns fat
Alpha GPC – Improves your brain function
Vitamin D3 – Improves the body’s neuromuscular functioning
GTF Chromium – Aids in the growth of muscle
Nighttime Formula Pill

The night is your muscles’ chance to repair, and these ingredients help that process. They include:

L-Ornithine – Improves libido, stamina and performance
L-Arginine – Important proteins and amino acids found in dairy goods, red meats and fish
Vitamin B6 – Promotes the body’s use of carbohydrates and proteins
Vitamin B12 – Produces the red blood cells needed to carry oxygen to your tired muscles
Niacin – Lowers your levels of cholesterol
5-HTP – Increases your serotonin levels (As a warning, this can cause some muscle tenderness.)

GH Advanced Review Boost HGH levels naturally

If you are looking to add muscle mass to your frame then you need to make sure your diet is good as well as making sure that you lift heavy in the gym.

Another method you could use is by using a HGH (Human Growth Supplement) supplement like GH Advanced+.

Lets look at GH Advanced+ in more detail to see how it can help you gain pounds of lean muscle.

Benefits of GH Advanced+

Build muscle and burn fat
Completely natural
Clinically proven ingredients
No prescription necessary
No painful injections
Click here to experience the benefits for yourself!

How does GH Advanced+ work?

GH Advanced+ contains a number of nutrients including specific amino acids that will naturally help your body to produce HGH.

HGH is produced in the anterior pituitary gland and can help in the following ways:

Help promote the synthesis of new protein tissue, which can aid muscle recovery and repair.
Help burn body fat for energy.
Boosts energy levels
Improves sexual performance
Builds stronger bones
Unlike many other HGH supplements, GH Advanced+ is made available as a ‘Day & Night Formula’, which means that you can get the full benefits 24 hours a day.

Ingredients of GH Advanced+

The morning formula for GH Advanced+ contains:

Vitamin D3, GT Chromium, ALPHA GPC, Bovine Colustrum, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Lysine and Bioperine.

While the night formula contains:

Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, 5-HTP and Bioperine.

If mixed together as one formula some of these ingredients will compete against each other, making the product less effective.

Is GH Advanced+ proven?

The benefits of HGH is undoubted with regards to muscle building and fat burning.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine Dr. Rudman states that using HGH can increase lean muscle mass, even without exercise. While your fat burning ability increased by 14% without any dietary changes or increased activity.

This was not the only benefit discovered either as this study also revealed increased muscle tissue response to exercise or activity, faster recovery times and increased energy and stamina.

No wonder a supplement like GH Advanced+ that can naturally increase HGH levels comes so highly recommended.

Side effects of GH Advanced+

GH Advanced+ does not contain HGH, it only contains nutrients that will safely and naturally help your body to produce more of this muscle building hormone.

If you stick to the recommended dosage then you should not encounter any issues.

Is GH Advanced+ recommended?

Being able to naturally increase your HGH levels is a sure fire way to build lean muscle mass, therefore GH Advanced+ comes highly recommended.

There may be other supplements out there that contain HGH itself while making big claims about how you are going to build so much muscle, however you need to realise that HGH found in tablet form don’t work as the hormone is quickly destroyed by your digestive system.

Where to buy GH Advanced+?

You can buy GH Advanced+ online for just £59 for a box of 120 capsules.

If you have any doubts about GH Advanced+ let me assure you that this is not one of those auto-ship scams so you will not be charged monthly or have any hidden charges put onto your account.

Every order comes with a massive 180 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy for whatever reason then simply send your box/es back to receive a full refund.

GH Advanced HGH Booster Review

GH Advanced is a brand new, cutting edge supplement that rapidly increases HGH (human growth hormone) production. It is the only human growth hormone supplement of its kind, meaning that no other HGH booster is all natural (completely safe) or anywhere near as effective. It is exponentially more effective than competing supplements due to its perfectly designed, clinically proven formula. The following GH Advanced review will take an in-depth look at this formula in order to help you determine if it is right for you.

With a scientifically proven formula, results are always guaranteed. Science is exact, not theoretical. HGH is without question the most important and necessary hormone for serious muscle growth.

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t testosterone the most important hormone for muscle growth? Well, everyone knows how helpful testosterone is for gaining muscle mass, but not many people are aware that HGH is actually significantly more important.

There are four main reasons HGH isn’t as well known as testosterone in regards to muscle growth:

1) People are frequently unaware of how effective/important HGH is for muscle production

2) Usually even when people are aware of how important HGH is for muscle growth, they still don’t know how to use that information to their benefit

3) Many people are unaware that there are supplements out there to help increase HGH production

4) Most people assume that HGH boosters are dangerous (which is often the case, but not with GH Advanced)

In sum, testosterone is very helpful for muscle growth, but it is nowhere near as important as HGH. Testosterone is an OPTIONAL aid; HGH is an absolute NECESSITY in order to see real results.

Think about it like this…your body already naturally produces HGH, and that’s what causes you to gain muscle when you work out, so what would happen if you dramatically increased your body’s production of HGH? Your muscle production would increase equally as dramatically, and that’s why you need an HGH booster if you want to rapidly gain a significant amount of muscle.

GH Advanced is ingeniously formulated and a thoroughly researched product that will provide maximum results more rapidly than you ever thought possible, but don’t just take our word for it…read on to find out how GH Advanced has been clinically proven to maximize muscle growth!

We’re going to show you how it is scientifically impossible to not get the results you want while taking this product. The nutrients contained within every serving of GH Advanced are known to powerfully and safely stimulate your body’s HGH levels, while simultaneously inhibiting the hormone that slows down HGH production. Not only are the nutrients highly effective, they are extremely compatible with each other (synergistic), critically important in any nutritional supplement (especially an HGH booster).

The wrong combination of ingredients can actually cause them to work against each other, thereby lessening or even entirely negating the effects of each other. When incompatible ingredients are put into the same product, they compete with each other for the same receptor sites in the brain. These ingredients were carefully chosen based on their compatibility with each other, and the fact that they do not compete for the same receptor sites. This lack of competition amongst ingredients makes it scientifically impossible for them not to do their job. When each ingredient has nothing trying to stop it from working, each one will inevitably work. To learn more about the science behind the clinically proven formula, read the “GH Advanced Ingredients” section of this review and see what makes this the best of all prohormone supplements.

What Makes GH Advanced Unique?

GH Advanced TestimonialIn our professional opinion, what makes this product unique is the fact that it does not use a proprietary blend. A proprietary blend, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is essentially something that allows companies to list what ingredients go into the product without saying how much of each ingredient goes into the product, which is extremely important. Ideally, you want to avoid proprietary blends. The FDA requires that every ingredient be listed on the label along with the amount of every ingredient, unless the product contains a proprietary blend. In other words, proprietary blends are not required by the FDA to specify how much of each ingredient they contain, so you don’t know exactly what you’re consuming. With GH Advanced, you know EXACTLY what you are taking. The label specifies exactly how much of every single ingredient goes into the product. Nothing is left out, and that makes it easy to determine the quality and quantity of the ingredients.

It’s not just about what the ingredients are, its also about how much of each ingredient is included, and no other competing product will give you the amounts for every single ingredient. Be aware that products with proprietary blends are going to be cheaper than GH Advanced, and that’s because they can put much less of each ingredient in and you’ll never know the difference.

Since GH Advanced includes a significant amount of every ingredient to ensure massive muscle growth, you will pay a little more for this product. With GH Advanced, you are paying for quality.

Something else unique about this product is that the creators acknowledged the fact that the body produces HGH at different paces during the daytime vs. nighttime. They split the nutrients into two halves; one-half that contains the “daytime ingredients” and the other half that contains the “nighttime ingredients.” This ensures complete compatibility amongst all ingredients, and guarantees that you get all of the benefits from every single nutrient. No competition, simply creation of muscle.

GH Advanced Ingredients

GH Advanced IngredientsIn order to really understand the science behind this product, you need to know what goes into it and what each ingredient does. What role does each ingredient play? By the end of this section, you will fully understand how this product’s results are guaranteed. This section is the explanation behind the words “clinically proven.”

L-Arginine- plays a double role by enhancing the response of growth hormones, while also blocking growth hormone inhibitors like somatostatin. L-Arginine, when combined with exercise, maximizes the production of HGH.

L-Glutamine- plays the role of speeding up the circulation of HGH concentrations. This ingredient causes your body to produce more plasma glutamine every 30 minutes – talk about rapid muscle growth!

Alpha GPC (Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline)- the International Society of Sports Nutrition conducted a study on this ingredient that showed it to cause dramatic increase in HGH activity. Not only does Alpha GPC cause your body to secrete more HGH, but it also increases fat oxidation. This means that your body will be burning fat while simultaneously producing muscle.

5-HTP (5 Hydroxy Tryptophan)- causes HGH levels to dramatically increase, as well as ACTH and cortisol, both of which are important for muscle growth.

GTF Chromium, Niacin, L-Ornithine- cause the stimulation of the pituitary gland, which is what releases growth hormones within your body.

L-Glysine- this amino acid is one of your body’s largest contributors to the production of creatine, which is essential for muscle growth. It also helps to raise your energy levels during exercise.

L-Lysine- this amino acid is similar to many other amino acids, in that it is extremely important for growth, specifically muscle growth. L-Lysine also stimulates the manufacturing of hormones such as HGH. Its third function is to help produce creatinine, which creates energy for your body by using fatty acids.

Bovine Colostrum- simply assists with muscle growth and development. This ingredient is often given to newborn babies in order to ensure proper growth.

Boperine- well known for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. In other words, it helps to ensure that your body gets the most out of all of the other ingredients.

Vitamins D3, B6, and B12- These vitamins will help your body to convert the food you eat into fuel. They will cause your body to utilize all of its carbohydrates, which leads to increased energy levels.