GH Advanced Review Body Building Formula

GH Advanced is a dietary supplement that has come into the limelight of the body building world as a new natural alternative to the run of the mill muscle building supplements, they are claiming a brand new formula specifically designed to build muscle, increase libido, Stamina, burn excess fat and define your muscles using the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is not testosterone but a different hormone that enhances muscle growth.

What you will find in this review of GH Advanced:

Detailed list of ingredients,
Potential side effects,
How does it work
It is an effective Body Building supplement
What makes GH Advanced different?

GH Advanced is not based on the testosterone hormone but increases the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) it also has a wide array of other use full nutrients and ingredients that are highly recommended to increase stamina, improve recovery and promote muscle growth.

What is GH Advanced Offering?

They are offering a safer way to:

Higher muscle tissue response when exercising and lifting
Repair ripped muscles quicker and more effectively
Higher level of energy through out the day
Increased stamina and strength when lifting
Ingredients used to create GH Advanced Formula

GH Advanced uses a two pill formula stack one for the day and one for the night, each ingredient is listed below with there different functions, they are both targeted for different times of the day and night.

Day Time Formula Pill

This pill increases your fat burning capabilities and increases your energy and stamina, it also has the most important ingredient L-Glutamine which increases the levels of HGH – Human Growth Hormone this is what really improves muscle growth and what makes this supplement stand out.

GTF Chromium – Helps with muscle growth
Vitamin D3 – Improves neuromuscular functioning
Alpha GPC – Improves brain function
Bovine Colostrum – Burns fat and increases muscle growth
L-Glutamine – Produces (HGH) Human Growth Hormone
L-Glysine – Essential amino acid that produced from high protein foods
L-Lysine – Improves performance when exercising
Night Time Formula Pill

This pill is more targeted to repairing your body and increasing oxygen to the effected muscles after a workout. But also giving you nutrients from high protein to amino acids that are the building blocks of muscle. Remember that night time is repair time so the more you enhance this the better for your muscles.

Niacin – Lowers cholesterol levels
Vitamin B12 – Produces red blood cells that carries oxygen to tired muscles
Vitamin B6 – Promotes the use of proteins and carbohydrates
L-Arginine – Important amino acids and proteins found in red meats, fish and dairy goods
L-Ornithine – Greatly improves performance, stamina and libido
5-HTP – Increases Serotonin (Warning can cause muscle tenderness)
We have investigated each ingredient from both day and night pills and have found that they do offer some amazing perks for body builders and have some great health benefits. There is no other body building supplement around that can offer this amount of useful ingredients in not one but two pills.

Read More Visit: Official GH Advanced Website

Side effects associated with GH Advanced

We have a few concerns about this supplement, although they seem to be minor please consult a doctor or health professional if you are concerned about using GH Advanced for your body building needs:

May cause Diarrhea
May cause Muscle tenderness
Apart from these side effects there does not seem to be any detrimental (life threatening) side effects associated with the ingredients above, all of the ingredients are natural and have very mild side effects.

Our Opinion of HG Advanced

After investigating HG Advanced ingredients, side effects, reviews and feedback we have received we agree with them and find it is a great body building supplement that produces results and does what it was created for that’s stamina, energy and muscle growth. Due to the side effects although they are not detrimental or life threatening we would give this a very high recommendation.


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