Some men are crazy for building up their body. They take every measure they can, to achieve their goal. Some work hard in gym and some take a lot of different kinds of medicines and other dosages to build up muscles, which can be fatal to health. For this purpose, Crazy Bulk introduced Anadrol or Anadrolone Elite Series to fulfill this need of the people. Now, building up muscles, strengthening them and bulking up the body, is easy and out of harm’s way. The amazing formula of Anadrol makes it quick for you to get the desired results in a short interval of time.



This product deals with bulking cycles and strength cycles for providing the best results every time of use.
This product is for oral use, which eliminates the use of frightening injections, which are used by people to bulk up their muscles.
It is a safe product, which has no serious health risks and side effects. Some little side effects may occur in early stages to the sensitive-stomach people. Therefore, it can be used without worrying about the health.
It provides better and faster results. The minimum time it needs to show results is two weeks.
It also improves the Nitrogen retention.
A user can obtain 20 pounds in just 2 months.
It is a completely legal product.
It does not severely hurt the liver or kidney, in case. A sensitive person must not use it without the recommendation of the doctor.
The user can benefit from the jumbo muscle mass increase by using this product.
A user can also benefit from the super stamina and strength which keeps him going on even during his workouts.
This product offers fast muscle recovery by making sure that all of your efforts must provide rewards to you.
The product is reasonably priced and 100% safe.
It can only be obtained from its official website, so that, a person must get an original one.

Before & After

How does the product work?

Boost TestosteroneThe Crazy Bulk Anadrol contains an anabolic steroid, which was developed in 1950. It lets the user to overcome from anemia and muscle wasting diseases. There is an active hormone in Anadrol named as Oxymetholone. It was a very effective hormone, which is used to build up muscles. It was seriously considered by the Body Building Community to build the mass of the muscles, their strength and endurance.

Anadrol increases the production of Erythroprotein, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. It also provides a good quantity of the oxygen to these cells.


To get effective results, it is recommended to use Anadrol pills before, during or after the meal twice a day. The people, who have a sensitive stomach, avoid using it before their meal. The workout should be started after 30 to 45 minutes of taking the dose.

The duration of the course must last for two months. A user must take a break of 15 to 20 days, so that, the product does not harm his health. After that, he can continue using it for 2 more months.


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