What is Testosterone Max

Testosterone Max Elite Series is provided by Crazy Mass – the leader in bodybuilding supplement stacks.

A detailed by our experts briefs about what is the testosterone Max is all about, and why the health experts have perceived it as the best natural testosterone booster. Read our Testosterone Max review appended below:

Testosterone Max Test Tone Elite series from Crazy Mass is the most powerful anabolic energy & strength enhancement agent. It is the most effective weight lifting supplement and is the favorite bulking, cutting & strengthening dual power testone booster for body builders worldwide. It enhances your workout energy level, giving you explosive strength gain, improved muscle mass, better recovery time, and a better sexual performance.

How does Testosterone Max supplement work?

Apart from being made from natural ingredients, the one important thing that factors Testosterone Max as better supplement is that the Test Tone has been standardised to 45% saponins (an active component of Tribulus Terrestris). Saponins is the active ingredient Tribulus. This standardisation makes Testosterone Max twice as strong as other testosterone boost supplements.


Test Tone has Androgenic & Anabolic properties, which are ideally effective for body fat reduction and increase in protein synthesis, increasing nitrogen retention & blood flow, along with enhancing the strength gain. It gives high sex-drive boost, ensuring harder erections and thus enhancing the libido.

Testosterone Max – Test Tone Characteristic Features

Carefully designed through legal and regulated process after scientific research.
Made completely from 100% natural ingredients which have been tested and proven to boost testosterone levels naturally.
Specific gain in testosterone levels, causing harder erection and increased sex drive.
Maintained nitrogen retention and increased blood flow, enhancing strength and activeness.
Prolific for safe, efficient and fast muscle gain, protein synthesis, high muscular performance, reduction in extra body fat.
Made with Tribulus Terrestris Extract (twice as much effective than other brand testosterone boosters), which is clinically proven to enhance testosterone levels naturally in the body.
Can be used with bulking and cutting legal steroids.
No side effects.
No prescriptions required.
Easy to consume – orally.
Faster results – in about 2 weeks with regular intake.
Excellent user reviews from customers.
Worldwide delivery with safe, secured online purchase.
Dosage – Guided consumption advice

As the Testosterone Max – Test Tone comes with no prescription, the users should follow on a proper consumption guideline so that to get maximum health gain benefit.

Testosterone Max is easy to take – available in tablets form – 1 bottle contains 90 tablets – 40 mg serving size per tablet.

Testosterone pills have to be consumed 2 to 3 times per day – 30 to 40 minutes before work out session.

Whether you are in working out session, or are skipping your work out in between, Testosterone Max should be consumed on a regular daily basis.

Testosterone Max should be consumed regularly for about 2 months, in order to get viable body build and libido enhancement results.

Testosterone Max – Test Tone Pros:

Boosts natural testosterone levels in the body.
It improves protein synthesis efficiently and speedily.
Radical reduction in extra body fat.
Increase in muscle mass & muscular performance.
Active life with enhanced energy levels & stamina.
Enhanced libido, improved sex drive & sexual performance leading to high state of pleasure.

The only factor that can contribute it to causing a negative impact is over usage than the regular daily use. Avoid consuming more pills than the regulated daily intake, for it to affect a positive turnaround in your body-build and energy levels.

Stacking option with Testosterone Max

Another positive factor of this powerful testosterone booster is that it can be stacked with other bulking, cutting & strength agents to give you desirable and faster results. Stack options are:

Bulking Stack: Testosterone MAX with Dianobal, T-Bal 75 and Decadrolone – Increase in lean muscle mass.
Strength Stack: Testosterone MAX with Anadrolone, Dianobal and T-Bal 75 – Increase in muscle mass with improved stamina & strength.
Cutting Stack: Testosterone MAX with Paravar, Winnidrol and Clentrimix – Reduction in body fat to give a desirable shape with lean muscle mass.
Crazy Stack: Testosterone MAX with Dianabol, Anadrolone, Decadrolone, T-Bal 75 and Clentrimix – leaner muscle build with a reduced fat, and increased energy level – the best stack – most favorite amongst all stack options.


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