The Side Effects and Safety of Testosterone Boosters and Supplements

get plenty of emails from guys who are conserned about the safety and side effects of the testosterone boosters or supplements that I’m recommending on this site.

Most common questions are:

“Can I use testoterone boosters if I’m under 18?”, “What are the long-term side effects of testosterone boosters?”, “Are testosterone boosters more like food or medicine?”, “Do I need supplements to increase testosterone levels naturally?”

Answers: Yes you can use all the testosterone boosters recommended on this site if you’re under 18, actually the younger you are the more beneficial effects you’re going to get from them…

…And no there isn’t any similar side effects to natural testosterone boosters as there is to prescription drugs, they’re basically just super nutritious foods…

…And finally, you don’t need supplements to increase your testosterone levels. Three of the most imporant factors in natural hormone optimization are sleep, diet, and exercise, but with that being said, supplementation can greatly aid your body in the process.

I base this knowledge on the following facts:

I have been using and testing hundreds of different herbs, minerals, vitamins, medicinal mushrooms, tinctures, amino-acid’s, and even the most shadiest cheap supplements claimed to increase testosterone levels, for the last 5 years or so. Never during this time have I experienced any negative side effects or safety hazards worth mentioning. I was 16 years old when I started optimizing my natural hormone production and using supplements, and that hasn’t affected my emotional health, physical health, or height growth in any negative manner whatsoever.

In other words, a bowl of fruit loops is probably much more dangerous and comes with a lot more side effects than any of the supplements mentioned on this site.


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