The Safety of the Testosterone Boosters

All of the testosterone boosters that I’m recommending in this site are extremely safe.

That’s because I never use – nor do I recommend – prescription drugs, propiety blends, or flashy bottles coming from China with Ronnie Coleman’s face on the side.

The “boosters” that I’m recommending are backed up with solid research and they’re basically just super nutritious foods, vitamins, minerals, medicinal mushrooms, herbs, or amino acid’s with testosterone enhancing abilites.

You will never see me recommending pro-hormones, prescription drugs, borderline steroids, or cheap Chinese “fake” herbal powders.

If you want to aid your testosterone production with supplementation, here’s my simple guide on how to do it safely:

a) Make sure that the supplement – wheter its a herb, mineral, vitamin, amino acid, or something else – is scientifically proven.

b) Make sure that the supplement does not contain propiety blends, several different herbs jam packed together, or pro-hormones.

c) Only buy wildcrafted, organic, or 100% pure herbs when buying whole herbs, herb powders, or herbal tinctures.

d) Avoid cheap Chinese products as much as you can, they’re usually more harmful than beneficial as they can contain lead, chemicals, pro-hormones, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

e) If you want something that actually works, you can simply forget all of the “Testobolan Tribulus 3000 max blast” products. You know… The one’s with a shiny bottle, cheap price, unbelievable claims, and images of steroid using bodybuilders on the side.

With those factors in mind you can easily find good reputable brands/products actually selling clean, safe, and effective products. Those are never the cheapest, but they’re a much better decision than that cheap shady powder from the factories of China 😀

Testosterone Booster Side effects

side effects of natural testosterone boostersThe side effects of testosterone boosters are usually miniscule and they’re somewhat related to increased testosterone levels. At least if you’re using natural and preferably organic products.

Most common of the side effects is slight testicular pain, this is due to the fact that your balls are producing so much sperm and testosterone that you’re getting the almost legendary case of “blue balls”. You can relieve the symptoms by having sex or just simply going to sleep.

Another one is pungent body odor. It’s caused by the aprocine glands which produce hormonally driven sweat. The more testosterone you have the more active your apocrine glands are, and the more pungent or “manly” your sweat smells like.

Oily skin is also a classic “side effect” which in some guys can promote acne. That’s because testosterone, and it’s more potent derivate called DHT, both increase the production of natural oils in the skin. I see this as a good thing but some “metro-sexual” men yearn for that dry feminine skin :D.

And also some guys are big time “aromatisers” a word I came up with, describing the men who’s bodies produce high amounts of the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen. If you’re an “aromataser” then increased testosterone levels can also mean increased estrogen levels (because your body would then have more androgens to convert into estrogens). In general it’s always a good thing to inhibit the aromatase enzyme as a man, and that’s where zinc, certain supplements, foods, and losing fat mass will help greatly.

Other than those, I can’t really think would happen. Sure you can buy a cheap Chinese supplement full of lead and other chemicals which can cause all kinds of adverse side effects, but if you stick to reputable brands, organic products, and all natural supplements, then you have nothing to worry about.


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